Who Are We

Eastern Ontario Women In Business was created to give Women in Business a safe space to show up un-apologetically and talk business - the good, the bad, the ugly.

Celebrate your wins and overcome challenges while being fully supported.

Women show up differently and for the most part we are unaccustomed to putting ourselves ‘out there’, to talk business and ask for business.

All too often I was hearing the same thing from Women; ‘I am tired of showing up to Networking events only to be smack dab in the middle of a social event.’

Who am I? - Sheri Godfrey your Visibility Business Coach and the founder of Eastern Ontario Women In Business.

Welcome to your safe space to celebrate your business! A place to encourage and support your ‘networking’ opportunities to grow our business, to meet new people and foster business relationships.

We fully believe that when one rises we all rise-together we are stronger!

What We Do

Referrals: When approached for a Business Service Referral we go to our membership first ... Members are encouraged to do the same – together we lift each other up!

Collaborations: Members are encouraged to collaborate together. The knowledge and skill in our community is off the chart! When we come together in service our business circles grow and friendships are formed.

Networking: The 3rd Wednesday of the Month we meet virtually as a Global Community. This is an opportunity for our vast community to gather, learn from each other, build new relationships and expand your reach outside of your '4 walls".

~ celebrating WINS is always a part of our gatherings ~

We are always looking for dedicated Chapter Leaders to foster our goals and build strong communities. Please reach out if this speaks to you.

There is no exclusivity and our meeting programs are varied, educational, contemplative and fun! We offer education, support and connection to encourage one another to dream big and achieve our goals.

Connecting. Supporting. Collborating.

We would love to hear about your amazing business!!