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As part of your membership we offer you the opportunity to have a 1on1 Interview for you to show case you business. 

Carine Toham Ngoy of Rent-to-Own Specialist

Mar 9, 2021

I am here to spread LOVE !

Where I come from it means empowering everyone with options. I thus daily aim at helping families get their homes whenever they struggle to get a traditional mortgage.

As a Real Estate Investor, I chose to be a Rent-To-Own Specialist to build a legacy for my loved ones whilst enabling others to do the same via homeownership.

Interested in joining my cause?

I can make your hard-earned money work harder by investing it to help families secure a home.

Please reach out to see how I can help you or how you can help me help others.
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Shari Doherty of Stage One Real Estate

Mar 8, 2021

At the tender young age of 50, Shari Doherty found herself in unfamiliar territory. She had spent decades raising children, building a corporate career, managing multiple small businesses (one for five years that wasn't really so small!), managing both children as high level competitive athletes and nurturing a beautiful marriage.

The kids were launching, the major side business wound down, the competitive sports were wrapping up and as the final "blow" her corporate career came to an end. Thankfully the marriage had remained the one solid anchor for her. She then found herself with an empty nest, a chance at a second career and an identity crisis. Who did she want to be for the second half of her life?

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Shannon Levee of Gut-See Solutions

Jan 28, 2021


Shannon Levee is a Certified Stress & Wellness Consultant, Registered Reflexologist and holds her 3rd degree Reiki.

Shannon uses these tools and more to help women heal naturally. A life long battle with gut issues, many hospital stays and ending her relationship with alcohol allows Shannon to guide us with compassion, deep understanding and kindness.

Check out Shannon profile and follow her to stay inspired and motivated to heal from the inside out.

Diana Lidstone of The Entrepreneurs GPS

Jan 14, 2021


Diana Lidstone The Entrepreneurs GPS and Marketing Guru joins us for a candid conversation about business burnout.

Diana offers hope and shows how gratitude can play a part in getting through challenges.

I am sure you will learn something new about Diana!

Michelle Deschenes of Ace Nutrition

Jan 6, 2021


Michelle believes that food is fun and food is science.

Michelle Deschenes has been employed as a Registered Dietary Technologist in hospitals throughout Canada for over 20 years, and founded ACE Nutrition and Diet Consulting in 2012.

As a Craving Change specialist she wants to take the fight out of food because eating is one of life's greatest pleasures.

ACE Nutrition is physician approved, and was awarded the regional "Health Professional of the Year" by Diabetes Canada.

Jennifer Maloney of IG Wealth Management

Dec 14, 2020


The freedom to do what you love and live the life you want to live shouldn’t be a compromise…we believe it should be a choice. And having a proper financial plan in place – and proactive advisors that genuinely care – makes the freedom to choose a possibility.

Michelle Filliol Life Coach

Nov 24, 2020


Michelle Filliol is a Life Coach who specializes in weight loss for Women. Michelle approaches weight loss from an emotional view point allowing women to put aside the shame, move out of judgement and into a vibrant healthy life being enjoyed in an energetic body.

Corrissa Levair of Levair Real Estate

Nov 12, 2020


Corissa is on a mission to show others how they can build wealth with real estate. Have a listen and if Corissa resonates with you and your vision please reach and connect with her- you won't be disappointed!