Your membership entitles you to participate in all EOWIB events regardless of the home chapter you have selected. You pay only the event fee for those meetings you attend. The meetings occur on different days of the week so you can choose what best suits your schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the membership cost?

For 2019-20 there is a yearly membership fee of $156.00 which allows you to participate in meetings of any chapter for only the price of the event. To help get you started, you are able to attend two meetings, without having to join.


How do I become a member?

Fees can be paid by credit card, cash, cheque or e-transfer to [email protected].


Why is there also a cost for the events?

There is also a small payment for each meeting you attend. These payments help cover costs for the administration, venue, food, beverages, or special speakers hosted by us. With sponsorship, we will be able to keep these costs to a minimum.


How do I add my business to the directory?

Once your membership is received, complete a profile page on yourself and your business that will serve as a directory which is publicly visible on the website.

Stay inspired and motivated.

Being part of a strong networking group can mean the difference in any company that joins one. You can often be inspired by people in your group who might help you along in your journey of success.

You’ll also get all these extras!

Creating Strong Connections

Our events are structured, organized and targeted to each member for the best experience possible. The chance to make long-lasting relationships is greater because people attend more regularly.

Stay Connected

Our monthly newsletter keeps you updated on events and resources and offers a place for you to keep us up-to date on what you are offering or accomplishing. 

Receive Support

It can sometimes seem a lonely business running a company and mixing with others who are on the same wavelength offers much needed support and encouragement. 

Newsletter Features

Our monthly newsletter keeps you updated on events and we also regularly feature members.

Social Media Promotion

Our extensive and highly rated social media reach includes a page for Eastern Ontario Women in Business, podcasts and Facebook live interviews featuring our members.

Special Discounts

You will receive discounts to events and special offers for members-only.


You will be able to network and build valuable relationships. You not only provide your services but also develop new ways of collaboration.

Receive Guidance

Your access to new and experienced businesswomen means you will receive a wide range of advice, helping you to succeed now and in the future.

Become a Mentor

You will be part of the mentoring process. Giving and receiving allows you to have friendships and find other people with similar backgrounds and interests.

We'd love to add your expertise to the group!

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What we do

Eastern Ontario Women In Business holds monthly in-person meetings in the surrounding Dundas, Kemptville and Smiths Falls area plus other educational opportunities to enable you to build stronger relationships with other women in the business community.  The meetings vary between breakfast, lunch and dinner according to the needs of the chapter.

We are a wonderful, welcoming, warm and collaborative group. There is no exclusivity and our meeting programs are varied, educational, contemplative and fun! We also provide refreshments and goodies!

We offer education, support and connection to encourage one another to dream big and achieve our goals. We encourage our members to participate in each event through presentations, panels, mastermind groups and many innovative programs. Exciting outside guest speakers and presenters are also offered.

Connecting. Supporting. Collaborating.